It has been a week since we were closed on last Monday, 3/15/2020. Our original plan was to close down for 2 days only for deep cleaning and disinfection. We purchased some new machines to disinfect specifically to viruses. We were expected to open back up on last Wednesday. Then on last Tuesday night, local authorities had issued an advice of no more than 10 people gathering, so we extending our temporary closure until 3/30. However, the latest development with the imminent rapid progression of the pandemic in our area, the State will be ordering Kansas-Citians to stay at home for the next 30 days (until 4/25).

Now that schools are closed, restaurants are closed, cinemas are closed.....and so many other places and activities that we have been enjoying for years are no longer opened. I guess we have been taking for granted that our kids would return to school and see their friends and teachers after Spring Break. I even had planned out what my oldest daughter would wear on her kindergarten graduation, but now all those plans have to change or cancel. It is definitely sad, for me and for my kids. I understand, as many have told me, that this time is unprecedented. Yet, the uncertainty and sense of lost is just a bit too much, and coming too quickly.

I do not remember what Anna said exactly said in Frozen II, which my daughters and I have watched for the third time this week, but it struck me when I heard "must go on, and do the next right thing",". No one know what the future will be and how long that we have to fight this "war", but dong he next right step (by staying at home #stayhome, #TheNextRightThing), we can help to fight the curve, and get this pandemic under control.

To our supporters #superkiddos and their super-families, this has been really tough but I am thankful that we have developed a great small community that we can call our own. Thank you for all your support for the past year. We love and miss you all very much!

We will try to post and share what we are doing at home with our own super kids. So stay tune on our FB page and our YouTube Channel.

I hope with all our collective effort to stay home, practicing social distancing, this darkness of our lifetime will soon be over. When that time comes, #Superkidzclub will be ready to serve and provide more fun activities and events to all the superkiddos in our community!


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